Dust Mite Allergies

With more then 10% of Americans and 80% of the population of the world allergic to dust mites, these small creatures cause a lot of trouble. Mites are also the cause of most asthma and breathing problems…making them especially troublesome to the elderly and the young. Did you know a high concentration of mites in your home can cause you to develop a mite allergy?

What are they?

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that live by eating the dead skin and dander every living being sheds regularly. While the mite itself is harmless, his excrement and dead skin are not. Many people experience an allergic reaction when they inhale a protein found in the feces of these tiny insects. The reactions to a dust mite allergy can range from itchy eyes to a sever asthma attack.

Where do they live?

Dust mites can live anywhere but are especially fond of your bed. Did you know that mites in pillows that are over 2 years old comprise up to 10% percent of the weight of the pillow? With that many pillow mites it is no wonder you can’t sleep. There are over 10 million mattress dust mites in your bed also.

Eeeww! Makes you want to rush out and buy a new bed, doesn’t it!?

Before you do, you need to know you also have carpet mites. This means every time you walk across the floor, millions of them (and more importantly their feces) are launched into the air…triggering your allergies.

They also live in the drapes, in the couch, on your pets, and on any fabric surfaces in your home. They are everywhere!

How to kill them

While you CAN kill dust mites…it is not an easy task. Here are some tips to get you started on the road to eliminating them:

Use a mite proof mattress cover. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to thoroughly vacuum the mattress and the floor. Then spray the mattress with a dust mite spray to kill them. Once that is done, put a dust mite proof mattress cover on the bed to keep them out.

1) Wash

Wash all of the bedding (including the pillows) in very hot water. Hot water(130F) and freezing kill dust mites. Bedding should be cleaned at least every two weeks, and a mite spray can be used between washings. You also should get pillow covers for all of your pillows to eliminate pillow mites.

2) Use an air purifier

There are many great air purifiers on the market that will help to eliminate mites in your home. Using one will help mite allergy sufferers a great deal.

3) Freeze toys

Place children’s stuffed toys and anything else that can not be washed into the freezer for 24 hours. Mites can not tolerate extreme temperatures…so freezing will kill them.

4) Use dust mite cleaner

Wipe all surfaces (including the floors) with a mite cleaner. These cleaners kill the mites as well as keep them from getting into the air like simple dusting can do.

5) A/C filters

You will need to use a HEPA A/C filter and spray it regularly with a mite spray to help eliminate them in the A/C system. You can also remove any vents for your central a/c unit and spray a mite spray inside as far as you can.

I hope this information on dust mites has been informational for you and helps you to get rid of them in your home.