Dull Pain in Lower Back (Right Or Left Side) – Pain Relief Options That Can Help! – Special Report

Do you suffer from a dull pain in your lower back?

Is it on the right or left side, or both?

1.) Introduction

Dull pain can be a serious problem for many people. You are not alone. Although it is not screaming at you, nor does it seem to be acute in nature, it still can be a very serious problem. Can you relate? This free information will discuss possible causes of the pain and help you to get rid of it with cost effective treatment options. We have studied back pain and this article is not meant to waste your time.

2.) Causes of Lower Back Pain (Right or Left Side)

  • Poor body mechanics
  • Obesity
  • Previous lumbar spinal issues that flare up
  • Degenerative Ailments (like with a disc for example).

Each of these aforementioned items can lead to a herniated discs, pinched nerve or even a muscle strain, for example. It is also possible to suffer from various forms of spinal fractures and kidney issues that cause you pain in your lower back. These issues are considered to be very serious in nature and if you have one it is best to consult your physician. Back braces can help but if you have kidney problems, they might not help.

3.) Treatment Options (At Home Remedies and Beyond!)

Rest and ice are age old at home remedies that have been used for many years. These remedies can help take the edge off, but if you think about it, they are not necessarily “cure alls”, as much as we would like to believe. – Here’s why,… When we were younger, it seems that rest took care of all our woes. But, as you may very well know, we do not have free time as we used to. That is why we only can afford to get limited rest. – Ice can also help, but ice melts and it can usually only be used when we are at rest.

Surgery. This is another valuable option, but it is usually saved for very severe instances. If you worked in a hospital you might think that surgery is common, but most people actually do not need surgery to get better. Your physician will probably tell you that they would like to use honest conservative measures to help you reduce your pain, before they would ever consider surgery.

4.) Back Supports

One very useful way to help promote healing of an injured lower back, is to use a low profile back brace. Many off the shelf designs exist and they can help you reduce your pain due to the meaningful support they provide. They also can be easily concealed just by using a t-shirt! These back supports can help to off load your lumbar spine by increasing intercavitary pressure. This will help to free up the muscles, discs and other internal structures that may be ailing. If you have not thought about a back support, then you should look into them.

* This is health information. We believe in the benefits of back supports, but you should always speak to your physician regarding medical advice for your particular situation.