DubTurbo Review: Do Not Buy DubTurbo Until You Read This Carefully

Hello, my name is Alison Kelly. I have been composing music, beats and lots of other stuffs that you would not want to know… But today, I am going to tell you about this recently-famous software DubTurbo. I believe that you have heard a lot about this software and wonder if DubTurbo is as good as people talk about it. To my point of view, good or bad, it is up to your need of using the features of this software to make music. Let me tell you all the features of DubTurbo, so that you can give a clear decision yourself…

Ok, so lets’ talk about what DubTurbo is first. DubTurbo is basically a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that feature making rap, dance, jungle…beat. If you have ever listened to some chart topping tracks (I believe that you have), those tracks were made with some kind of sequencers like DubTurbo. This software works on both PC and Mac, both online and offline.

Below are some of the outstanding features of DubTurbo:

– DubTurbo is packed with a thousand of different instrument. Actually, I have never heard about any other sequencer that offers you such a massive number of sounds. The advantage of this is that you don’t need to spend any other thousand dollars to buy any sound pack or VSTi but you can still make a really rich beat. Surely, if you want more sounds, you can import your own.

– DubTurbo comes with plenty of videos and tutorials that instruct you step by step how to create beat as fast as possible. I have watched these guides once, and I may say that these videos are perfectly good for beginner who have never made any beats before or who have forgotten all the music theory. However, if you are already a pro, believe me, you can still learn something from these tutorials.

– You can tap your computer keyboard to control the software such as trigger sounds, record notes, play keys/drum pads, and lots of shortcuts to navigate easily without having to click all the time – for a producer this is important during their production session. So, you do not need an 88-key expensive piano keyboard to connect to your computer.

– Full of function for you to make beat: 16 tracks to lay down sounds: drum, keys, bass, or mic… DubTurbo comes with a built-in 4 octave key to do bass rhythms, chords and a drum machine sequencer with 10 pads. You can edit each individual sound and even import your own. You can mute, solo, edit each track if you want to.

– Another great feature of DubTurbo is that it gives you a very useful, friendly and beautiful graphic user interface (GUI). The GUI of DubTurbo was created in a modern theme and it is an award-winning GUI. I really like the graphic of this product.

So from all the features above, I believe that you can decide now if DubTurbo is for you or not. For me, I was very surprised when I got the copy of this software. It is not the best one, but one of the best!