Dry Or Oily Skin – One Glycolic Product to Solve Your Skin's PH Problems


Toners are an incredibly important part or any beauty regimen, it can aid in the restoration of skin to it's natural pH level and remove the remnants of other beauty products or dead skin left on your face. Because of the glycolic compound and the way that products are made from glycolic acids, glycolic toners are especially efficient in the removal of this gunk and excesses left on your skin

A skins natural pH level is 4.5 – 6: Any higher than this and you may suffer from slick, oily skin; Lower and your skin will be dry or flaky. This is where a glycolic toner comes in …


Glycolic toners are best used when applied to a well cleansed skin surface. This allows the toner to do it's job properly and cut through the excess dirt and grime that's left on top of your skin. Once it has completed these tasks the glycolic toner can get to the core of its job – Balancing the pH levels of your skin.

Most glycolic toners are applied using a cotton bud well soaked with the formula, then dabbed or wiped on the important areas of the face – especially the T-section (avoiding sensitive areas under the eyes)

What glycolic toner is right for your skin type?

  • Dry Skin Types If you are one of the many people with a dry or flaky skin type you will benefit from a glycolic toner that is in the upper section of the golden pH range for your skin. Something around 6 – 6.5 will give your skin the best results – restoring its softness and suppleness.
  • Oily Skin Types When treating oily or slick skin look for a toner that has a pH level that is closer to 4. This will help remove excess oil that causes many common skin ailments today. A product with a pH level that is too low will dry your skin right out, making it kick into overdrive producing more oil than it was previously. Using a toner with a pH of 4 – 5 will not cause these problems.