Drunkorexia – Binge Drinking And Eating Disorders Among College Aged Women

drunkRecently an article coined the term “drunkorexia” to describe the phenomenon of young women abstaining from food in order to save their precious calories for alcohol. As common as this phenomenon may be, it’s certainly not new, and most certainly not called “drunkorexia”.  That be being said, there is a correlation between binge drinking and those that suffer from an eating disorder. This is why alcohol detox clinics so often also feature eating disorder units or co-occurring disorder programs. In fact, there are countless programs that can be found when researching alcohol detox in Florida. Florida is a hot spot when it comes to rehabs of any kind including eating disorders, drugs, and alcohol. 

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are widely prevalent in college aged women and increasingly within the young male population. These disorders include anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, and eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS). These disorders are characterized by unhealthy and often dangerous eating habits. These habits include starving oneself, binging then purging, just binging, and other unhealthy habits like over exercising, or only eating red food on Tuesdays. Truly eating disordered behavior has expanded and often it is difficult to lump into one category and often the diagnoses merge. However, once alcohol or substance abuse is thrown into the mix it becomes even more dangerous.

Self Esteem

Especially for young woman self-esteem is often an issue. The media gives girls the wrong impression of how they should look and act. Some believe that in order to be attractive to those of the male persuasion they must be super thin. In order to achieve this goal some will go to drastic measures.

Binge Drinking

For those that want to have a good time while also watching their waistline binge drinking and then purging seems to be the perfect solution. This is when young women will deprive themselves of food all day and then binge drink. Some will even go as far as to purge the alcohol from their systems. This will apparently prevent weight gain and a hangover. This behavior is very dangerous and can lead to serious consequences.

Seeking Help

Even if there is not a clear cut diagnoses, any sort of disordered eating is dangerous. It can lead to serious problems concerning electrolytes and other organs. Coupled with drinking or even binge drinking it’s a recipe for disaster. In addition to physical harm it can cause serious emotional harm and lead to risky behavior. Drinking on an empty stomach is dangerous and can lead to a higher instance of alcohol poisoning and will lead to intoxication faster, which can in turn, lead to bad decisions.

Although the term drunkorexia is not a legitimate term, the behaviors it describes are unfortunately common. For this reason it is important to educate young people about the dangers of not only disordered eating but alcohol abuse as well. If an individual does suffer from both and eating disorder and alcohol problem there are plenty of alcohol detox clinics that feature both tracks for recovery. Alcohol detox in Florida is a great place to start when researching potential rehab facilities. This will ensure a healthy recovery and ultimately a healthy lifestyle.