Drum Vs Disc Brakes


When purchasing a car, many potential buyers notice the aesthetics of the car right away. However, the type of brakes that the car has are not so apparent. Perhaps you have heard mechanics talk about disc and drum types of brakes or maybe you have never realized that there are two types. Well the purpose of this article is to inform you of both types and what they can mean for your car’s performance. All earlier automobiles had drum brakes, but these were switched out with disc brakes in the 1970s. According to Edmunds.com, some cars have disc brakes on all four wheels, but other cars have the disc kind on the front wheels and the drum type on the back wheels. Disc brakes are not necessarily better because they are newer just as drum brakes are not necessarily worse than disc because they are older.

As explained in HowStuffWorks, a drum brake operates by having brake shoes press against the drum, which is on the wheel. Since the shoes are dragged a little by the drum while stopping, the shoes are pulled back into their original position by the springs that are part of the drum brakes. Whenever the shoes are pulled too far from the drum, the adjuster does its job to bring the shoes as close to the drums as it can. You definitely want to make sure that the shoes are in good shape. If they are not, or you are not sure, you may want to visit your local brake repair shop to get them checked out. According to Car Talk, when it comes to discussing stopping power, drum brakes have better stopping power in the rain because they always stay dry. However, WhyHighEnd.com states that the disc type have greater stopping power than the drum type on average.

HowStuffWorks explains that disc brakes work by having the brake pads apply pressure to the rotor which in turn slows and eventually stops the wheel from spinning. Therefore, this is a hydraulic force that transmits stopping power to the wheel. Disc brakes need to be kept at a certain temperature and keep from overheating. One way overheating is prevented is though the use of vents to allow air to flow through the discs. Chances are that your car has at least one pair of disc brakes. For these types, the pads should be checked occasionally by a brake repair service to make sure that they are in good condition. There is always a wear indicator located on the pads to notify you when it is definitely time to take your car to a brake repair service. This wear indicator is what causes the squeaking sound when you pull to a stop sometimes. According to The Car Guy, a driver should not wait until the squeaking sound occurs when stopping, instead a driver should get their car checked routinely for safety.

A car tends to be the primary means of transportation and carries the most precious cargo. A car has many parts to it and is used frequently, so it is a good idea to be somewhat familiar with at least the main parts of the car. Brakes are just as important as any other part of the car. Perhaps they are even more important than any other part because stopping is usually what drivers do to avoid an accident. Therefore, it is good idea to be familiar with your brakes and how they work, which was covered in this article. Whether you have disc or drum brakes, make sure to have them checked routinely and make sure they are functioning properly.