Drugs that increase Blood Sugar Level

Let us look at the medicines or drugs that raise blood sugar levels and increase diabetes risk

1.Cold and cough medicines that contain decongestant like Rinostat, Coscopin B, Siokof-P: The risk factor is that these drugs contain pseudoephedrine, an active ingredient that increases adrenalin rush, causing the blood sugar levels to rise.
A better alternative in this case is Pseudoephedrine-free decongestant or inhalation remedies for stuffiness like Sinarest Vapocaps
2. Steroids (cortisone, prednisone) used for musculoskeletal and joint pains. These anti-inflammatory drugs can increase blood sugar levels making your body less prone to insulin. Better alternatives to deal with musculoskeletal and joint pains include NSAIDs (Zynac,Brufen, Elonac, Soludol, Indocap, Doflex etc)
3. Dieuretics: Diuretics that are used to treat high blood pressure like Lasik, Aquazide and Brinaldix can also increase blood sugar levels. These drugs can deplete potassium levels, interfering with the body’s ability to secrete insulin. The better alternatives for these include ACE enzyme inhibitors(Enam, Fovas, Linoril) and angiotensin II receptor blockers like Asart and Candesar.
4. Beta-blockers like Concor, Ciplar, Carzec, Lodoz and Tenormin to treat regulate blood pressure. These blood pressure regulators can increase insulin resistance. The better alternatives include angiotensin II receptor blockers and ACE inhibitors.
4. Antidepressants and Antipsychotic drugs like Cipralex , Real One, Nexito,Depnon and Fluanxol. These can increase blood sugar level and worsen diabetes that one already has, and lead to new hyperglycaemia. Go for drug-free options like Yoga or interpersonal therapy, instead.
5. Birth control pills that have estrogen and /or progesterones. These can increase blood sugar levels for women with diabetes; progesterone can increase insulin resistance. A better alternative in this regard is to go for hormone-free options like condoms or IUD.