Drug Storage

Drug Storage refers to storage units that have been specially designed to store drugs and medical devices (related to drug use / taking). Because drugs can be lethal when in the wrong hands or in the wrong dosages, it is essential that these substances remain controlled. A drug storage cabinet is a great way of keeping them controlled. The drugs can be locked away in a specially made cabinet; a qualified individual will have access to the cabinet with the key or code and control the supply of drugs to certain individuals. These cabinets come in many different sizes and styles, the most common ones look a lot like a safe, once opened they have special compartments in that are designed to store the drugs. They can be made bespoke with the inside compartments being made to specification.

There are a lot of variations available, hazardous storage units are available for the ‘higher class’ drugs, these are often yellow in appearance and come with warning signs printed on them, they always have a key lock to stop un authorised people gaining access to the contents.

Another variation is the drug storage trolleys; these can be found around hospitals and medical facilities. They have a larger capacity then the cabinets and are designed for transportation. A set of 4 wheels are attached to the bottom of the units for movement and a handle is often added to the top. Some of these cabinets are secured with locking doors whilst others are not. Have a look around the internet and see what you can find.