Drug and Alcohol Rehab – The Procedures Used in a Rehab Center

Co-existence of drug and alcohol rehab:

It is a usual phenomenon of the same center housing a drug and alcohol rehab programs together under the same roof. It is so because it has been observed that in many cases individuals who are under the influence of alcohol abuse also suffer from an incidence of drug addiction. An individual having dual-diagnoses of alcohol as well as substance abuse will require treatment for both the things. Although there are some similarities in the procedures of drug and alcohol rehab therapies, there are very prominent. One such difference is in the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms for alcohol are almost the same no matter the dependency was actually on beer, hard liquor or wine. However withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction are different for the different kinds of drug abuse.

Various procedures to bring about non dependency on drugs and alcohol:

The procedures used to wean away people from alcohol or drugs depend mainly on the substance and its qualities on which the addicted person was dependent. The following is an example of the commonly used therapies at the drug and alcohol rehab centers.

  • Social Rehab Procedures: Narconon is a type of drug and rehab therapy that does not require the use of any drugs or medicines to solve the problems drug addiction. It uses nutrition as the base factor to bring about changes in the health conditions of the addicted individuals. This procedure can neither be labeled as psychiatric nor as medical. It is rather hailed as a social model of rehabilitating addicted individuals.
  • Medical Rehab Procedures: Most medical procedures include the usage of other medicines and at times anesthesia to help in the process of rapid detoxification from the dependence of morphine, cocaine, opium and heroin addictions. This process tries to calm the addicted persons by letting them sleep through the process of extreme detoxification. This procedure is carried out mainly in severely addicted individuals. This is carried out in those drug and alcohol rehab centers which has well qualified doctors, nurses and other staff at their disposal. The withdrawal and the whole treatment are carried out under medical supervision.
  • Spiritual Rehab Procedures: this procedure encompasses the use of a 12-step program, which involve taking help of the religious methods. Like in U.S.A the Christian religion is taken as a guideline and the addicts are given sermons from the Bible and asked to submit their will to the supreme power and surrender to Him. They pray to God to help them recover from their illness of addiction.
  • Holistic Drug Rehab Procedure: this procedure involves the increase on the three elements of body, mind and soul in order to achieve complete non dependency on drugs and alcohol. Meditation, yoga, listening to music and involving in any hobby form part of this procedure of drug and alcohol rehab.

Most rehabs carry out a combination of these above mentioned procedures. This ensures effectiveness of the rehab program. However practice of any one of the above will also ensure complete cure of the addicted individuals.