Drop 10 Pounds


Drop 10 pounds and you will feel better and your clothes will also fit better. Your skinny jeans will slip on without a struggle. But, did you also know that losing just 10 pounds has a number of health benefits that go along with the weight loss.

Scientific research has identified at least five health advantages of losing the weight.

The health benefits include:
+ Lower Cholesterol Level
+ Lower Blood Pressure
+ Reduced Risk of Heart Attacks
+ Reduced Risk for Cancer
+ Reduced Risk for Diabetes

Lower Cholesterol Level – Being overweight is linked to higher levels of LDL, which is known as the bad cholesterol. LDL's circulate through your blood and can be deposited on the walls of your arteries as plaque. These deposits can lead to blockage and have this numerous bad effects such as strokes and heart attacks.

Losing just 10 pounds can lower you cholesterol levels by up to 10%.

HDL's are known as the good cholesterol and they are linked to a healthy diet and exercise and they help prevent LDL's from attaching to the walls of your arteries.

Lower Blood Pressure – Blood pressure is measured by the amount of pressure on your artery walls. If there is plaque on the walls of your arteries it will increase your blood pressure. The extra pressure can cause the walls of your arteries to become stiff. The hardened passageways can lead to heart problems.

Reduced risk of Heart Attacks – Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure are 2 of the main risks for heart attack. Studies have shown that just a weight loss of 10 pounds can reduce these risks by up to 50%.

Reduced Risk of Cancer – It is not entirely clear why losing weight can reduce the risk of cancer but studies show that it does. It is known that fat cells are highly active, and release large amounts of hormones like estrogen, insulin, and insulin-like growth factors that can fuel many cancers.

It has been shown that weight loss can reduce the levels of certain carcinogenic hormones.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes – Excess weight can lead to your cells becoming less sensitive to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps direct the movement of glucose into your cells.

The extra weight can make your body resistant to insulin which results the cells from functioning properly, which can lead to Type-2 Diabetes.

A weight loss of 10 pounds can reduce your chance of getting diabetes by 60%. As you can see all you have to do to be healthier and with less risk of a number of serious health problems is to drop 10 pounds.