Drinks to Avoid in Your Heartburn Diet

One excellent way in controlling your heartburn problem is having a friendly heartburn diet. The types of foods and drinks you have in your current diet could be the heartburn triggers. Drinks form an important part of our diet. Yet, it is often overlooked.

Here are some types of drinks which you should avoid or reduce in consumption.

Carbonated beverages – Sodas are popular drinks and they provide a refreshing sensation while you consume it. Unfortunately, the gas from the drinks can contribute to your heartburn symptoms like burping and bloatness. It also puts more pressure on your stomach. As a result, the stomach produces too much stomach acid which may reflux into the esophagus causing you to have pain in the chest. You’re advised to stay away from carbonated drinks which also contain caffeine, another heartburn trigger. In your case, drinking plain water will be the best solution to solve your heartburn problem.

Caffeinated drinks – If you are one of those coffee addicts who must have multiple cups a day, then this could be your major heartburn trigger. To most coffee lovers, asking them to give up their coffee passion is like taking their life away. If you are suffering from a severe heartburn problem, it is for your own health’s sake that you eliminate this drink from your diet. If it is a mild heartburn problem, you can reduce it to 1 cup a day until you are well. Alternatively, you may want to try flower teas instead. They contain little or no caffeine and they provide a very refreshing smell and taste. Also, they are a much healthier choice compared to coffee.

Sports Drinks – Many people like to take sports drinks after their exercise. Often, they think that exercise is the one that causes them to have heartburn problem. Actually, it is the isotonic drinks. Most of these drinks are carbonated and contain caffeine. These 2 factors are major contributors to heartburn problems. The best choice is still plain water.

Milk – There is an old saying — when you have an indigestion problem, drinking milk can help to soothe your stomach. For some, milk provides them a calming effect. But, for people who are suffering from acid reflux or heartburn problems, it is best not to include milk in your heartburn diet especially drinking it before going to sleep. When you are sleeping, the milk can make your stomach churn more acid, resulting in more acid reflux symptoms. It can give a painful heartburn experience. At night, if you wish to have some milk, it is good to drink it together with a high carbohydrate food like bread or plain biscuits. They help to speed up the digestion and reduce too much acid being produced. This means you will have a lower likelihood of suffering heartburn symptoms at night.

At this point, you may be thinking what drink should you include in your heartburn diet then? The answer is plain water. Drinking 8 cups of water everyday is good for your health and help you to reduce the acid level in your stomach. Once your body has recovered from heartburn, you can drink coffee and soda again but in limited quantity. For now, it is best to stick to your heartburn diet plan and avoid the above drinks totally.