Drink For Healthy Joints

Cargill, Inc. stated that it will team up with a Cincinnati-based beverage maker on a new line of drinks that will be designed to not only improve people’s health but will improve the health of their joints. This new product line is called Elations Joint Health Supplement Beverage. This product includes a variety of ingredients supplied by Minnetonka-based Cargill which includes Regeasure glucosamine HCL. This product forms the building blocks for cartilage that is found in the joints. Cargill also supplies Aerose erythritol;. This gives the drink its sweet flavor without racking up the calories.

This product is actually made by The Elations Co., which used to be a former Procter & Gamble division. However, it is now independently owned and operated. Every 8-ounce bottle only contains about 30 calories. This drink comes in two flavors – cranberry apple and raspberry white grape. You can find the product in drug stores, grocery stores and through the mass merchandisers.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Drink is a great help to your skin, aids digestion and helps joints. You should drink Aloe Vera for a least every day for six months and see the difference it will make in your life! We invite you now to drink our 100% stabilized aloe vera gel as well as our vegetable juice which contains aloe vera and has approximately 200 different nutrients. This includes 8 essential amino acids, 18 amino acids, and vitamins and minerals.

If you want to be kind to your joints, then you should start taking the Aloe vera freedom drink. This contains glucosamine in liquid form,which is the natural treatment for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and to try and prevent any joint problems.

Something for Sports People and Those with arthritis

Today for the first time there is a unique formulation in an aloe vera drink, This breakthrough formula is essential to be able to maintain mobility and healthy joint function.

The rich nutrients are blended into the Aloe Vera gel with the following:

-Glucosamine Sulfate (1,500 mg.)

-Chondroitin sulfate (1,200 mg.)

Working together, these first two ingredients are your first line of defense again deteriorating joints. In order to bring to completion this exceptional formula, MSM (750 MG.) was added as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is also a very good source of bio-available sulfur. This is needed by the body to maintain healthy connective tissues as well as joint function. You should take this along with Vitamin C which is critical for the production of collagen and the continued maintenance of healthy cartilage. You should be taking 60-100 ml. which results in 2 to 4 ounces every day.

If this Aloe Vera drink could really extend the life of the joints in one;s body, this would be a much better and safer option than surgery. There would be no painful operations and rehab to go through! So, if you are all fired up, why don’t you stat this plan today?