Dream Power For Teens

Teens are the first ones who must learn how to translate their dreams, so that they may become balanced and self-confident adults, without any psychological problems.

Besides being able to build a strong personality and stay forever far from all mental illnesses, thanks to the dream guidance, they will acquire a special power which surpasses the power of common people, who ignore too much about many things. This is the power of knowledge and wisdom.

If you are a teen and you want to learn more about the power of dreams, you can be sure that you have found accurate information about their meaning and all their power, which you’ll be able to verify by yourself if you follow my directions when trying to translate the meaning of your dreams.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a doctor and a teacher who shows you everything in images that have certain meanings. You have to learn the dream language so that you may be able to translate the dream images into words with a specific meaning. This way you’ll understand the dream messages.

For example, you may see yourself flying in the air, and believe that this dream was very nice, because you felt free flying, etc. However, the specific meaning of this dream scene is that you are far from the objective reality, lost in your own fantasy world. This is not a good sign…

Now, let’s suppose that you were worried because you met a certain girl or boy who you liked very much but you don’t know anything about them, and you are thinking about them all the time. Then you start imagining how a relationship with them would be, and many things more. If you are imagining all that, but you see that you were flying in the air in a dream, you’ll already understand that you are far from reality.

You should not keep imagining how a relationship with this person would be, because this is something that is not possible. This notion may upset you, but at least you won’t spend all your energy in a lost game. The unconscious mind will show you the truth.

There are times where you’ll have good dreams, showing you positive aspects of your life, especially when your progress is increasing fast, because you are caring about the meaning of dreams.

Your dreams are treasures, and they will give you a new vision.

You’ll have the power to:

– Predict the future and correct what is wrong before things end up in a way that you dislike

– Learn everything that is happening with the person you love

– Protect your life and the lives of the people you love with the wisdom of the unconscious mind

– Keep your mental health and happiness for life

– Become a genius, developing your intelligence to its fullest

And much more…

This is a magical solution for young people. The dream power will save the new generation, and give new life to the whole of humanity.