Dream Interpretation – Support For the Victims of Terror and Violence

Unfortunately the human being is a wild animal, whose human conscience is under-developed, while the biggest part of his brain belongs to the wild side of his conscience, which is primitive, evil and cruel.

When the anti-conscience, the demonic wild conscience of the human being, manages to destroy the human side of his conscience, he becomes a wild monster without human feelings. This is why he starts doing terrible things against others.

The domination of the anti-conscience provokes all existent mental illnesses.

Therefore, if you are a victim of terror and violence, you have to understand that the people that harmed you were dominated by the craziness contained in the wild side of their brain. They did not understand what they were doing, because they did not have any human sensitivity, and their rationalism was completely damaged with the invasion of the absurd content.

Write down your dreams and translate them according to the scientific method, and you'll start receiving the free psychotherapy of the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to protect you from your wild side. You have it too, so you should not condemn the others, as if you were perfect.

The unconscious mind will show you how you can become intelligent and self-confident, curing all the traumas provoked by the terrible actions of your enemies.

You'll be transformed into a real human being, with balance and sensitivity. Your actions will be always wise and characterized by goodness and compassion, and this is how you'll live far from craziness and despair forever.

I have very much simplified the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which is the only correct one, as I prove in my work. I continued his research into the unknown region of the human psyche and related his statements to various discoveries in different scientific fields that happened after his death, proving that his discoveries were real.

After collecting all the discoveries of biologists, neurologists, and other experts, along with Jung's observations and findings, I discovered a lot more myself.

This is why I was able to simplify his method and provide you today with a very simple guide that you should follow in order to translate your own dreams yourself, without going anywhere or paying anything to the wise and saintly doctor that keeps sending you precious messages everyday. This is free and safe psychotherapy from the best existent psychiatrist for you!

Forgive all human sins, because the human being can not control his behavior and he inherits too much absurdity in his wild side, which occupies the biggest part of his brain.

You'll find support and relief in the wisdom of the unconscious mind and forget all the terror and the violence that marked your life. Then you'll begin another life, and finally find peace and happiness, after suffering so much.