Dr Oz Acai Diet – Where to Order Acai Berry Supplements

Ever since the Acai berry fruit was featured in Oprah's show where Dr. Oz was also present, the fruit has been promoted for its weight loss benefits. The berry is known for being rich in vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidants, which is twice as much compared to other sources. The same antioxidants are known to help the body in flushing toxins, chemicals, and waste deposits away. Aside from that, anti-aging effects are evident in people who have been patronizing the same fruit.

Although the facts about the fruit have been recognized just recently, people who are lucky enough to live where this fruit grows have been reaping the health benefits from it a long time ago. Acai berry is also known to prevent a whole lot of diseases. For these many reasons, it is now being marketed as a weight loss supplement in the form of pills, capsules, drinks, and bars. Many people have been taking these supplements for quite some time now, and testimonials after testimonials are revealing the wonders of this fruit.

There are many reasons why this fruit can usually be bought only in supplement form. The foremost reason is that the berry is highly perishable. It is too fragile for traveling so it is impossible for you to find a fresh Acai on your near produce section. Supplements though can be ordered through the Internet; just be sure that you will be getting genuine products and not one that is just made up by people who simply love to scam. Your closest pharmacy can also advise you concerning which supplement you can take. Lastly, it is also sold in Amazon and the like.

Just remember something, if someone is offering you a fresh fruit, do not believe them; well not unless you are living in Brazil or near where they are grown. Where to order Acai Berry supplements is not a problem. A click of your mouse and Google will help you with that.