Don’t Ignore Toddler’s Bad Breath

Bad breath on toddlers is usually ignored by adults because it is a rational knowledge that it occurs as part of growing up. However, it should be given special attention so certain early practices and habits will be taught. Fortunately bad breath on toddlers does not only reveal bacterial build-up in the mouth but could be symptoms of other medical complications.

Bad breath is caused by bacterial buildup in the mouth and neighboring passages. There are many reasons of bad breath toddler. Kids loves sweets and when not controlled it could cause childhood diabetes. Childhood diabetes are rooted by the sweets accumulated in the mouth that catapults bacterial production. Too many sweets will also cause throat infections such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis. The tonsil in our mouth is a medical indicator. These bad breath causes also reveals health decline, medical attention should be given in order to cure urgently. Because swollen tonsillitis pays unpleasant taste and the child will experience difficulty in swallowing food.

Other common reason for it is dehydration. Toddlers are energetic and move around too often. The body fluids need to be replenishing frequently too. When toddlers fail to do it the mouth starts to dry and thus saliva excretion lowers also allowing bacteria to proliferate and cause bad breath. The saliva has an enzyme that is antibacterial and anti-fungal too. Instill to the toddler the habit of bringing tumbler and seeping fluid while at play, thus re-hydrating the body. Aside from direct dehydration there are three common cases of toddler dry mouth. Toddler sleeps longer. Sleeping lowers the body’s activities and salivary secretion as well. Secondly, toddlers breathe through the mouth. The frequent passage of air into and out to the mouth fan dry the mouth. And then, thumb sucking dries up the mouth. It is a bad habit because the hand is the dirtiest part of the body. When the mouth is dry bacteria reproduce fast by decaying food left over and other biodegradable debris.

Bad breath on toddlers has to observe keenly. If chemical or sour smell is breathed it might be the toddler has swallowed cleaner or other kitchen chemicals. However these may be rare cases but still needs precautions. Following correct guidelines will avoid embarrassment to the kids. Embarrassment lowers self confidence to toddlers which may significantly affect their performance in school. As early as now solve that problem.