Don’t Buy Colored Rubber Bracelets Until You Read This

Rubber bracelets are made from recycled o-rings and rubber bands. They have been around since the 1980’s, and were used as an economical way to promote groups and ideas. Colored rubber bracelets have gained in popularity since then, especially after Lance Armstrong introduced the yellow “Livestrong” bracelet in 2004 to bring about cancer awareness and raise funds for research.

Currently, rubber bracelets are not only symbolic of many charitable causes but have become quite fashionable in their own right. They are worn as a sign of unity and support as well as matching accessories to complete the ensemble of the day. They add color to an otherwise colorless wrist and sometimes are just plain fun to wear. Rubber bracelets are bands of a different color rubber worn around the wrist. They generally come in two sizes, children and adult. They are relatively inexpensive to produce making them great fund raising items. The bracelets carry powerful messages and bring attention and awareness to causes worldwide. The colored bracelets are a great conversation starter as people often ask “what is your cause?”

Rubber bracelets are not only used for charity but have become friendship bracelets that kids trade with their friends at school or around the neighborhood. It is easy to keep track of their friends by wearing each others bracelets. The kids buy a package of bracelets in the color of their choice then with a sharpie, write their name on it before trading with a friend. If you suddenly find yourself on the outs with your friends, they will simply ask for their bracelets back.

If you are allergic to latex products, you may find the rubber bracelets cause a skin reaction such as a rash, hives or itching. You may also suffer a respiratory reaction that may cause the bracelet wearer to develop a cough, sneeze or runny nose. A severe respiratory reaction might cause the bracelet wearer to develop shortness of breath or severe wheezing. If you find yourself with any of the noted symptoms, remove your bracelet immediately and consult your doctor.

The bracelets are available online or through mail order. You have the option to choose the color of the bracelet and the message to be printed on them. The bracelets are relatively inexpensive so buying in bulk is a good option.