Doing Nail Designs at Home


Nail designs are getting so trendy today. There are a lot of designs that women can choose from to adorn their beautiful nails and because of these designs, more and more women are getting into nail designing. Nowadays, for you to get the design that you want, you should go to a nail salon where a professional can provide you with the design that you want. However, this is not always the case especially if you have the skills at designing because you can definitely do it at your own home and at your own leisure.

Before you get too excited about designing your own nails at home, there are some important reminders that you should keep in mind first! What are they?

Right Tools

It is very essential that you have the right tools for nail designing. Here are they:

  • Sponge – this is very important especially if you want an ombre design. You can also use a brush but spongers are simple, more fun and easier and it can help you achieve that soft look that you're aiming for.
  • Nail art brushes – as much as possible, get the pre-bottled ones so your brushes do not dry out. a regular stripper brush will do. These brushes are perfect for doing lines. Keep in mind that there are also some people who make use of nail art pens, which works like a pen.
  • Dotters – these are not hard to find and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Now that you have the right tools to start your nail design at home, the next time that you should do is to know what kind of design you want. If you are not sure yet what to design your nails with, you can always do some research over the Internet or you can create your own! There are a lot of wonderful nail designs that you can find online.

The Process

You're ready to start designing your nails! But before you actually paint those beautiful nails of yours, make sure that your nails are very clean! This is very cruel because the design of your nails will surface more beautifully if your nails are clean. Once this is done and you're absolutely sure that you have cleaned your nails already, it's time that you start with your nail designs! Make sure that when you do this you're in a well-lit room and make sure that you put a cloth underneath so it will not smudge or ruin your table.

Are you ready to do some nail designs at home? You definitely can! Just keep on practicing and you'll be awesome at designing your nails. It will not be really easy at first, so do not expect a masterpiece right away. Once you get the hang of it, you can change your nail designs whenever you want and even invite some girlfriends over and do their nails. Now that will be such a great bonding experience that your friends would definitely appreciate. It's going to be lots of fun!