Dog's UTI and It's Causes

One of the most common problems seen in pets is dog's UTI problems. This along with bladder stones can cause pain and if not properly treated can become a life of misery. Although male dogs can get a urinary tract infections and stones, this is a problem that females get more often.

Additionally, smaller dogs tend to deal with this type of infection and problem far more than you would see with the larger dog breeds. Using natural supplements is an excellent way to get the issue taken care of and prevent future outbreaks.

Before we go into the different treatment and preventative measures you can take, we want to address the various causes. First, bladder stones are a unique combination of minerals to include struvite, calcium oxalate, crystine calculi, and ammonium urate. As these minerals build, they store up in the urethra, causing blockage. While the stones are bad enough, if not treated quickly, they can lead to additional health problems such as bladder infection known as cystitis.

Depending on the type of bladder stone your pet has will determine the treatment used. Since there are many types of stones, it is important to have the problem diagnosed, preferably by a homeopathic veterinarian. For instance, there are some bladder stones that respond quite favorably to diet change and natural supplements, which cause the stones to dissolve. However, there are other stones and severity of cases that require surgery.

UTI in dogs is another story, again this can be treated naturally when done early. With this, the urinary tract system becomes overrun with bacteria. Making changes to include diet will make a huge difference. Commercial foods are loaded with preservatives, fillers, additives, and other chemicals that are harmful. By switching your dog to a natural and healthy diet, the UTI is controlled and even prevented. In addition to this, there are other things you can do for a dogs UTI problem such as:

Fresh water daily is imperative. For instance, avoid straight tap water, which is full of chemicals and toxins. Instead, choose filtered or bottled water so your pet is given what she needs to flush the bacteria from the body. Additionally, fresh water daily hydrates the dog, which can be robbed by infection. Therefore, while it might not seem that important, fresh water daily plays a huge role in treating and preventing dog's UTI.

Providing your dog with outdoor time is another step you can take. Not only is daily exercise vital for a healthy dog, it also gives her time to potty so the bladder is completely emptied. If your dog is rushed, she may go potty but not fully. Over time, this remaining urinary causes problems often seen in the form of dogs UTI problems. If you work or attend school, consider a neighbor or friend who can stop by to let your dog out once or twice while you are away.

Eliminating commercial food is also crucial. Most dry food brands are made with tons of chemicals such as preservatives, additives, and artificial flavorings and colorings. Loaded with high levels of protein and carbohydrates are horrible for your pet's health so you want to switch diet. Instead, consider buying only high quality and natural brands or even making your pet's food. This way, the dogs UTI can be better controlled and even prevented.

Finally, find a reputable homeopathic veterinarian, someone who uses only natural ingredients and supplements to treat such infections. With the infection now eliminated from the dog's body, giving her a daily supplement will stop the problem from ever coming back. The great thing about using homeopathic remedies for treating dog's UTI is that they work. These remedies are very easy on the budget and they are safe, meaning not only do they work, but also they work safely and without unwanted side effect.