Dog Vomiting – When to Get Worried

When your dog is vomiting it is a sight you do not like to see. This means there is something going on in its happy little world. Most of the times it is a health issue. If vomiting happens from time to time, it may not be reason for concern. But when the dog vomits really often, then it is time to get worried.

You will see that after vomiting the dog will want to re-ingest the vomited food. This is a natural instinct for the dog and it is nothing wrong with that if vomiting happens quite rarely. Dogs can not ask for an antacid like we do, when we are feeling sick. Instead, dogs have other ways of taking care of themselves when they feel sick. Dog vomiting can be a part of a natural process from time to time and you should not get worried for nothing.

But sometimes there are other reasons, others than nature, for your dog’s vomiting. Some of the reasons are quite serious. If the dog is perpetually vomiting than it is high time you took it to the vet.

People react badly when their dog is vomiting. Usually the dog tries to go to a place that is hidden, vomit there and then re-ingurgitate the fluids. The dog knows that the vomit fluids are not accepted in the house. If you start screaming or act in a bad way, you will only add up to the stress that the dog is already feeling. The dog can not feel that he has disappointed the human friend because this will make it feel worst than it already is.

So, when you see that the dog is vomiting, encourage it and do not act terrified. Even if vomiting is uncomfortable for you because it ruins the carpet, think about how bad the dog is feeling. Vomiting is not a pleasant sensation for humans and it is the same for dogs too. Also, it is a great idea to go see what kind of vomit the dog took out. See if there is undigested food or liquid. See if there is blood in the vomit or other abnormalities. This will help the vet realize what is going on with the dog. You can also be smart about it and take a sample of the dog’s vomit. Take the sample to the vet for analysis.

For example, the undigested food in the vomit can mean that the dog has stomach problems. Put the vomit in a plastic baggie and take it to the vet. It is the best thing you can do. Make sure you get a deep breath before you do that and all will be ok. Also, do not pick the vomit up using paper towels. This can be your first instinct but ignore it. It is best if you pick the vomit using a plastic hand glove or plastic bag.

If the vomit has a lot of undigested particles, then maybe the intestinal tract is upset and needs treatment.