Dog Vomiting – What could make your dog vomit?

If your dog vomits from time to time, it may not be a reason for concern, but when this happens really often, and then it is time to get worried.

Dog vomiting can also mean tract inflammation, and this can also mean that the dog is lacking some digestive enzymes. The dog can also have an allergy to something or a problem in the intestinal tract.

If you see that the vomit puddle is filled with food that looks undigested, the vomiting can be due to stress or overeating. In some rare cases, the undigested food can also point to food poisoning. But this is up to the vet to decide and then prescribe the correct medicine.

Some dogs tend to eat whatever they encounter and this can be really bad for their stomach. Many dogs also tend to overeat and this can lead to vomiting episodes too. If you see blood in the vomit than it means the dog has a serious health condition. In this case professional assistance is required. Internal laceration can appear when the bowel and the intestines are inflamed.

In many cases the inflamed digestive track solves the problem by vomiting. But in some cases a visit to the vet is necessary. So make sure to keep the dog as comfortable as you can and let him vomit. Then notice how the vomit appears and take a sample for the vet to analyze. Do not frighten the dog when he is vomiting because this will add up to its stress. The dog already knows that bodily fluids on the carpet are a bad thing and you do not want to add up to its stress.

Sometimes, the puppies vomit because their digestive system is undeveloped and needs to learn how to cope with new food. Also, puppies are greedy and they want to eat as much as possible till they throw up. Puppies also tend to taste things just for the fun of it and they can get accidentally poisoned. So keep an eye on your new puppy and if you see any symptoms take it immediately to the doctor.

You should also know that digestive problems are quite common in puppies, especially ones that belong to large breeds.

But the rule is: if the dog vomits twice in 24 hours, for more than 2 days in a row, than take it to the vet for the proper investigation. Make sure to follow all the rules mentioned above. And also talk to the breeder that sold you the dog. Make sure you have the entire medical history of the puppy. If you also see that the dog is vomiting after lunch hours, prepare the area for it and wait for the vomiting episode to occur. Try to restrict his movements during those vomiting episodes so that you can handle the mess.

Make sure that you notice the vomit of your dog and never let the dog re-ingest the vomit. Also, it is best to take the dog to the vet if you notice the slightest symptoms and problems. You know what people like to say: better safe than sorry, right?