Dog Training Shock Collar Pros And Cons

A shock collar is a type of “control tool” used to correct a dog’s behaviour, but are they safe and effective? Learn more in this article.

Your dog has some outrageous behaviour – it doesn’t like children or maybe any visitors? Or perhaps it keeps using the house as a toilet? It never seems to listen to you? So maybe a shock collar could be the answer?

A shock collar is one of a family of what are called control tools. They work by giving negative reinforcement to a dog’s behaviour. Then the dog will learn and over time it should stop doing the bad behaviour.


These collars can be very good for overly aggressive dogs that are not responding to traditional methods. For example, a mistreated but strong dog that won’t listen to you. Sometimes, these collars can save the dog from otherwise being put to sleep.

The effect of a mild electric shock is just a small discouragement to the dog but enough to show that bad behaviour is not tolerated. It is no worse than a quick “clip” from a dog’s mother.


They are not a magic bullet or cure. If they are not used correctly then they will be of no use to you. Make sure you get good training on how to use one and when to use a shock collar.

Some dog trainers argue that dog training shock collars are antiquated and totally unnecessary. They say that with a dog, you can always create a reward or punishment for any behaviour and a dog will always learn.

Some people say that any electric shock, no matter how small, is a form of torture and cruelty.