Dog Poisoning Symptoms

As a proud dog owner, you owe it to yourself to know the Dog Poisoning Symptoms in case your curious dog explores dangerous territories. But did you know that YOU, the owner of that precious canine, could be slowly poisoning him / her a little every day?

Check For Dog Poisoning Symptoms

First of all, let's identify some of the Dog Poisoning Symptoms. Does your dog suffer from a mouth irritation, skin rash, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, excess drooling, staggering, hallucinations, breathing difficulty, bleeding disorders, muscle tremor, sight loss, seizure, heart failure, kidney or liver problems? These are all Dog Poisoning Symptoms.

Now we all know that your dog can get poisoned by some chemical products, and if you witness this, then you must react fast! Remove your dog from the poisoning source, identify the poison as quick as possible, and if need be, call the poison control center for more information and direction.

Are You Poisoning Yor Dog?

But how is it possible that you could be poisoning your dog without knowing it, without your dog even ingesting a visible chemical product? Through extensive research, it has been discovered that dog food contains at least 6 deadly chemicals that have already been banned from human foods. They could be poisoning your family dog! I know it's the I hard to believe, but Commercial Dog Food Could Be Killing Your Dog Because of the Preservatives it the contains.

Now that you know some of the Dog Poisoning Symptoms, you may want to analyze your dogs behavior a little closer. Do not think just because you're not seeing it on the label, that it is not there. Because these preservatives are often added at the rendering plant and not by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer is not required to include it on the label, if they did not actually add it to the dog food. Ethoxyquin (EQ) is used to preserve most dry pet food. And EQ is the most powerful of all preservatives … and may be the most toxic. The use of EQ is permitted in pet food.

The Dog Poisoning Symptoms found through dog food intake has been revealed through several studies on the topic of Dog Food Investigation. You may become very upset as I did, when reading what the dog food manufactures are allowing us to feed our dog!