Dog Labor Symptoms

Many dog owners find that they have no idea when their pregnant dog will give birth. The worst part of it is that they do not know what symptoms to look for when it comes to knowing if their dog is pregnant and when she is likely to give birth. When your dog gives birth it can be a wonderful time, but there are also lots of worries that go with it.

Here are the five symptoms to look for when you want to know you that your dog is ready to give birth.

·         Your dog’s temperature may drop to around 97-98 degrees approximately, around 24 hours before giving birth. If she does not give birth within a period of one day of the temperature drop, you should contact your local vet.

·         The bitch refuses to eat. Obviously this is not normal for dogs, this gives you an indication that she is on labor.

·         She tries to be close to you; maybe sleeping under your bed for long periods.

·         She becomes restless and may pant, shiver, or vomit.

·         You start seeing your bitch expressing her nesting instincts, scratching at the floor or in her bed, and displaying signs of increasing restlessness.

Keep in mind that dog pregnancies are quite short, only around 9 weeks, so make sure you are well prepared in time to receive your puppies.

Finally, go by your gut instinct! If your dog is acting strangely or differently, it is probably trying to tell you something.
Noticing these signs of dog labor symptoms will allow you to be prepared and ready, and you will also be able to show your dog with compassion and confident actions that you know she’s ready and this in turn will give her the comfort she needs to begin.
These are just some of the dog labor symptoms, and although common, it is not unheard of for labor to start almost unannounced.