Dog Labor Symptoms – What You Need to Know

Well, it's almost time is not it. You get a sense that her behavior and actions are telling you that after close to three months of being pregnant, it's almost time.

During the pregnancy you might have seen her rearranging her most comfortable spot. The spot where she will most likely have her pups. Maybe she took her little stuffed animal toys in there and simulated guarding and nurturing them like she will be doing in a few days or sometimes a few hours when the little ones arrive. It's time now to start looking for dog labor symptoms.

Well if you're a dog breeder, you probably have a thermometer for your dog to take your dogs temperature. If you do and you notice a drastic decline in your dogs body temperature, that's the first sign of dog labor symptoms.

After that watch her for a while! If she starts vomiting to empty her stomach, that's the second sign of dog labor symptoms. This may happen anywhere between two days and a couple of hours before she starts to go into labor.

If you notice signs of erratic behavior, digging up the blankets in her favorite spot, turning everything in her den upside down, looking like she's trying to do everything to make herself comfortable but it just does not seem to be working, these are signs of dog labor symptoms.

She'll be nice and quit one moment, then the next she's following you around the house consistently, trying to be close to you, maybe sleeping under your bed for long periods of time then staying up half the night pacing around with the feeling she just can not get comfortable.

She's definitely going to stay close to her favorite spot during this period of time, and do not be alarmed if she gets very protective of her den and maybe even a little aggressive of anyone in the house that she's not familiar with.

Noticing these signs of dog labor symptoms will allow you to be prepared and ready, and you will also be able to show your dog with compassion and confident actions that you know she's ready and this in turn will give her the comfort she needs to begin.

So remember, check her body temperature, if there's a drop in body temperature, keep a close eye on her. If she empties her stomach around this time the labor will start anywhere between a couple of hours and a few days.