Dog Joint Pain Treatment

So what can be some of the different symptoms when your dog has arthritis? These few are some of possibilities.

* A constant licking of those joints that are causing them pain.

* Can’t keep up with you on walks even though your dog does not seem tired.

* Muscle tone seems to diminish slightly

* A swelling in the joints which will feel hotter than normal

* When lying down your dog or cat will seem stiff and rigid

* Very hesitant to climb up or down stairs or to try to jump

So what are your choices in helping your loyal dog? If you go to the veterinarian he may prescribe pain medications, commonly known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). These prescription pain medications are formulated to relieve:



Pain caused by joint dislocations, arthritis, and cancer

NSAIDs work by blocking the pain-inducing molecules to prevent pain and inflammation, allowing pets to move and exercise with less pain. Although NSAIDs provide pain relief, it’s important to note the risks of side effects including damage to the liver and kidneys. Pharmacists usually recommend adding liver supplements to your pet’s diet in order to maintain liver health.

What other Natural & Safe solution For Dog’s Arthritis Without Side Effects is available? In my humble opinion before I would start to give my beloved dog toxic and dangerous prescribed pharmaceuticals that are not only potentially deadly but expensive, I would at least try a natural alternative. The natural pain relieving alternatives are safe and typically cheaper than the other chemical concoctions. The great thing about it is that if they don’t work for you then you can always go the other route. I would at least start with the least harmful stuff and then proceed with stronger medications if this didn’t work out.