Dog Hiking Tips – Dog Fun on the Trail

Hiking is an adventure that thousands of people across the country find exhilarating. It's not just a normal walk but one that presents the challenge of a bit more rugged terrain and natural environments. If you are among the hikers that enjoy the companionship of your faithful canine buddy then you'll appreciate hiking tips for you and your dog. With the proper preparation and equipment your adventure will be a joy to you and all those that you encounter.

Proper pre-planning is one of the top hiking tips for you and your dog. This begins with determining your destination and the rules associated with it. Verify that dogs are allowed on the trail you choose. Many national parks do not allow dogs but most of the national forest trails do. Imagine the disappointment for both of you to arrive at your destination only to see a large sign stating "No Dogs Allowed on Trail". Make sure you know the leash rules for the area you choose. Some areas allow off leash where others will specifically require a six foot leash and proper distance from others on the trail.

Check your records to make sure your dog is current with all his shots. The trail is a natural habitat and perfect for picking up parasites or a virus if he is not protected. Make sure all the information on his ID tags is current just in case of any unexpected situations. More hiking tips for you and your dog suggest taking the time before your trip to reinforce some of his obedience lessons with special attention to the "come when called". It's easy for a dog off leash to get distracted by an avoidable point of interest. His safety could depend upon how well he responds to your commands. It's obvious how important pre-planning is to your hiking adventure.

The final hiking tips for you and your dog include equipment. Choose a leash that will not get tangled easily. Regular or long leashes (not flexi-leashes) give your buddy freedom while you still maintain control. Carry a small first aid kit that includes a snake bite feature. It is always best to be prepared. Carry poop bags and always clean up after your dog. It may be the woods but others are enjoying their time on the trail as well and you certainly would not want them to step in your dog's mess. The most important item is to make sure you carry plenty of water for both of you. Streams can sometimes have parasites and you want to make sure he drinks clean water. With the proper preparation your hiking trips will be pure joy!