Dog Days Of Summer: Heat Stroke and Your Dog

Summer is here and so is the heat. It's time to leave your dog home or be aware of the temperature outside .. Rising temperatures can mean a whole lot of trouble for dogs .. It's the season of heat stroke and for some dogs this can be fatal. The good news is that this can be invented.

First and most important: Do not leave your dog in the car .. Period !!!! In as short as 10 min, the heat in your car can rise to well above 120 degrees. Your dog can get over heated and if not cooled down can have a possible heat stroke in just minutes on a hot day. Tip: It's better to leave your dog home to bask in the a / c while you do the errands.

Provide lots of fresh water: When playing outside with your dog take lots of breaks so your dog can cool down. Look for shady areas, and bring along fresh water if none is available.

Restrict outside exercise to early morning hours or evening: Sometimes the cement on the ground gets very hot in the mid day and can burn your dogs paws .. pads

Be aware: Dogs do not sweat and in order to cool themselves they must pant and sweat through the bottoms of their feet.

At temperatures above 106F: Your dog's internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys, can start to shut down, and even possible brain damage .. If your dog has been in temperatures above 106F and you suspect heat stroke, take your dog to a vet immediately to have him or her checked out.

Dogs pronone to heat stroke: Senior dogs, young puppies, cold climate breeds or double covered breeds, and short nosed breeds.

Some Signs Of Heat Stroke:
Excessive Panting
Staggering or Disorientation
Bright Red Tongue
Thick Saliva
Difficulty Breathing
Coma and Death can Occur

If you suspect that your dog is overheated or has had a possible heat stroke, time is of the essence here …
Call your vet immediately!

Immediate Actions To Take:

Your primary goal is to bring down the body temperature gradually. Do Not use Ice Water !!

1st: Remove him or her from the sun or hot car and get into a shady spot with air circulation.

2nd: Offer cool water to drink but do not let him or her drink too much and remember to use only cool water. Reason being, is that ice water can cause constriction of the blood vessels and impede the cooling process ..

3rd: If there is a hose nearby, gently wash the dog or put cool wet cloths on the feet and head to bring down the body temperature but do not leave the towels on.

4th: Get to a VET immediately to have him or her checked out

Your dog may want to go with you, but it is in the best interest to leave them home while the sun is at its hottest. Make it up to them by taking a walk at dusk or early morning hours when both of you can be cool and enjoy. It's also a good idea to always bring water for you and your dog no matter when you walk.