Dog Care Tips – Proper Nail Grooming For Dogs

Nail clippers are the essential tools for dog nail grooming, working for both professional and home use. There are many sizes and models available for clippers, and all you have to do is choose the one that suits your dog’s size or breed. Medium-sized clippers usually work on small and medium-sized breeds. Grinders are an alternative to clippers that lots of groomers prefer, and which should definitely prove suitable for a wide range of dog nail grooming applications.

Grinders smooth off edges while dog grooming clippers cut.  Dog nail grooming is complex and it usually requires a combination of tools for maximum of efficiency. There is a guard attached to some clippers which prevents cutting too much nail, yet, because of this guard, you may not see the nail when cutting and you could injury the toe veins. Such accidents are frequent in home grooming because of the wrong use of tools.

More advanced equipment for dog nail grooming stems the bleeding and cauterizes the vein if the clippers touch it. The dog’s comfort is essential for the matter, or you risk to make the animal nervous and agitated, thus reducing the chances of trimming the nails properly.

Even so, dog nail grooming should not be neglected. Without trimming or the chance to smooth the nails against the ground, a pet that lives mainly indoors will suffer when the nails get too long. Ingrown nails are another risk and threat which affect dogs with improperly trimmed nails. If you can hear the dog’s nails clicking against the floor, then, you should cut them right away.

When the dog has too brittle nails to cut by normal dog nail grooming methods, filing or grinding is the alternative that avoids the formation of splinters. The dog’s disposition and tolerance are very important for nail trimming. You don’t have to cut them all, right away; breaks are usually necessary in order to allow the animal to relax. Because of the discomfort, it is very likely for a dog to bit his master during dog nail grooming.

With many pets it takes a lot of time to get used to nail trimming. Sometimes careful handling enables rapid tolerance. You can use the reward system to help the animal adapt: cut one nail then reward the pet with a tiny treat. Wait for a while, then move on to the next nail.