Does the 10 Minute Cure Really Work?

A lot has been spoken about being able to cure phobia in just 10 minutes. However, one can not help to ask "does the 10 minute cure really work"? How is possible to eliminate a fear that has been in your mind for years in just 10 minutes! I find the whole idea absurd. Come to think about it, it is actually not possible! The best that might happen is that the people who take up this cure will come out feeling that they can face their fear.

Overcoming phobia is a gradual process. It needs a conscious effort from the person who wants to overcome their fear. If a person is not mentally prepared or convinced that he / she can overcome their fear, it is definitely not possible to overcome it even if they tried a 100 times.

One of the most important steps in trying to overcome phobia is to try to find the origin of that fear. Neverheless, how many people can do it in 10 minutes? Not all of them. It takes a long time to rewind into the past and find what was that experience or who was the person who instilled that fear in us.

There are people who recommend the "Rewind Technique" of NLP to help increase phobia in ten minutes. Though I would agree that it might help eliminate or overcome phobia, I am sure that it will work in just 10 minutes. A fear that has been living and growing with us through the years will not leave us immediately. We must repeatly try over it by bravely facing the fear-filled situations with courage and determination.

As an example, let us assume a person has a phobia of getting committed. Can he / she overcome this in just 10 minutes? It is definitely not possible. If that person needs to overcome this phobia or fear, he / she needs to be in a committed relationship for a long time. Any kind of treatment program can not cure them in 10 minutes.

Here, think twice when companies promise cure for phobia in 10 minutes. Give yourself a few minutes and think if it is actually possible and then pay up for the treatment program if you think it will definitely work. Else, it will result only as damage on your pocket without showing any results.