Does Jelqing Work For Harder And Stronger Erections?

Jelqing is the exercise known for increased male enhancement size. While guys perform this exercise to get bigger, there is a question that always comes up regarding stronger and harder erectile power.

Does jelqing work for stronger and harder erections?

Yes, and here’s why:

Jelqing consists of repeated motions starting at the base and ending just before the head. You perform these exercises with your hands and you are in a “semi-erect” state while doing the exercise. This is the key – the semi erect state.

If you constantly stroke your member for several minutes while maintaining a 50-60% erection (the semi erect state), then it is almost like you are “teasing” it, by never really achieving a full hardness.

So when it does come time to bring yourself to a full, 100% erection, guess what? You are going to be extremely hard, very full and your erectile staying power will last.

You also become very familiar with your penis. Guys who masturbate frequently tend to not achieve hard and strong erectile power. There goal is simply to work their member hard and fast to achieve the desired goal. The more they do it the harder it is to even become erect after a while.

They are not really “becoming familiar” with their member. With jelqing, on the other hand, you are massaging in a very slow and controlled manner, working both hands not just one. And you may be doing it for 10 minutes or so, as opposed to just a few minutes.

So you achieve a level of familiarity which leads to better control and a much better level of erection power as far as maintaining strength and hardness.

How to jelq:

Taking your thumb and forefinger you form a circle.

Wrap that circle around the base of your member and slowly massage forward, releasing just before the head.

Repeat with the other hand and continue for a certain number of sets and reps.

You should have applied lubrication (water or oil based) and once again you should be in that 50-60% erection range.

Another important note is the warm up. This involves taking a hand cloth, getting it wet with warm to hot water, and wrapping it around your member for a few minutes. This increases blood flow and prepares you for the exercise.

The warm up can also be used as a stand alone method for those wanting instant hardness and strength. It basically “primes” your erection by first filling it with blood before becoming fully erect.