Does Chronic Sinusitis Lead to Tinnitus?


Tinnitus is the resultant disease for sinusitis and allergy patients. The basic sinusitis is not that serious a disease. But when it turns to chronic sinusitis, the scene changes much graver. When the disease is basic sinusitis, pressure buildup with mucous in the inner ear is gradually relieved when the blocked Eustachian tubes are cleaned by appropriate medication. Thus, the middle ear is relieved of the extra pressure. On the other hand, when the disease is chronic sinusitis, the extra-thickening of the mucous in the middle ear makes it impossible to pass through the narrow Eustachian tubes any more. This causes non-diminishing tinnitus. Self-medication without proper pharmacological guidance and indiscriminate use of antibiotics and anti-histamines are mostly the causes behind this medical condition.

A close examination of sinus, which is actually a sponge like bone structure, and its functionality, will be an interesting study. Sinus is a spongy bone structure. Actually, its functionality is zero! The lack of physiological benefit raises the question why sinuses are provided to human beings at all. The four senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, or speaking do not gain from the sinus at all. The position of the sinus is very close to all the vital organs. Its only function is to protect the soft brain from shock by its strong bones. On the other hand, since a solid bone would make the head extremely heavy, the sinus bone has many pores in it, making it lightweight.

The Causes of Chronic Sinusitis Tinnitus

When a disorder of the sinuses does not cure for more than six to eight weeks, it is called chronic sinusitis. The responsibility for causing chronic sinusitis lies with fungal infection, nasal polyps, deviated septum, allergies, as also structural obstruction. This in turn causes subjective tinnitus. The symptoms of nasal obstruction, congestion, pain accompanied by nasal drainage (that sometimes dries up) and paranasal sinus pressure, are caused by chronic sinusitis. When Dust particles get mixed up with mucus, they are not cleaned naturally and get stuck within the nose.

Chronic sinusitis may be triggered off by either of two causes: tinnitus and allergic rhinitis. When it is caused by tinnitus, it is due to the accumulation of thickened mucus in the middle ear and the resultant pressure buildup there. When it is caused by allergic rhinitis, it can occur throughout the year or occur at specific seasons, complicating to a greater degree the original disease and resulting in asthma as well as obstructive pulmonary disease, which are both chronic in nature. Chronic sinusitis, in its part, mostly triggers the following ailments: Loss of immunity, repetitive pneumonia, firmly established laryngospasm and chronic laryngitis.

Homeopathic or biochemical formulations are the solutions to which patients turn to when they find no reliable medical treatment for chronic sinusitis tinnitus. We’ll let the reader assess the curative power and efficacy of the ingredients used in some of these biochemical formulations.

o Calcarea Carbonica – CaCO3 includes symptoms of Cal. Ostearum (which you will find in oyster shells and its central deposits) and Calcarea acetica. It is thought that it can reduce inflammation in the nasal canal and thus the sinus.

o Hydrastis Canadensis – Yellow Puccoon and Golden Seal Orange root. Fresh root tincture can give relief from blockages – Potassae Bichromas – Kalium Bichromate. Bichromate of Potash or Potassic bichromate, red chromate portion of Potash (K2Cr207) inside distilled water. When someone has basal mucosa ulceration, this treatment can help a great deal.

o Silicea – Silex, pure flint and Silicea terra. When the titration of precipitated and pure Silica is applied, it can cure sinusitis tinnitus that is chronic in nature and also the complications of rhinitis.

The holistic method of treatment has proven itself to be the most enduring relief for chronic sinusitis tinnitus. This method involves a treatment of the body as a whole. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, treats the body as a sum of its constituent parts. Holistic treatment finds out the root cause of ailment and cures it, thus making permanent relief for the symptoms. Conventional medicine tried to relieve the symptoms, whereas the root cause of the ailment remains uncured. The symptoms are temporarily relieved but they return to haunt the patient once the medicines have run their course. The holistic method is not just popping a pill – it is far more profound than that. It entails a complete overhaul of the lifestyle. The various tenets of holistic method are: staying away from drinking alcoholic beverages, leading a life of austerity, not eating meat, banishing tobacco in any form and all other material having toxic substances or extracts, practicing Yoga and a diet of only fruits and vegetables.