A  doctor  is a person, especially a physician, dentist or veterinarian trained in the healing arts and licensed to practice medicine. A physician has earned the highest academic degree awarded by a university. When referring to a physician, one usually prefaces the last name by “ doctor .” It is a title well earned, as medical school is notoriously difficult and laborious to complete successfully. Most people who enter med school never finish. This is an intentional facet of the system, which is designed so that only the best can survive in the health profession as a  doctor .

The Hippocratial standards. It is taken by newly graduated physicians to observe the ethical standards of their profession, specifically to seek to preserve life. This principle is based on a dedication to serving the interest of the patient. Altruism contributes to the trust that is central to the physician-patient relationship. Market forces, societal pressures, and administrative exigencies must not compromise this principle.

The best primary care  doctors  (the  doctors  you see for check-ups and referrals) are obviously competent and compassionate. Primary care  doctors  can be a family physician, a gynecologist (for a woman) and a pediatrician for children. This  doctor  will coordinate your medical history and refer you to a specialist if necessary.

The best way to find a  doctor  is by family and friend referrals or the yellow pages for possible names to research. There are also referral services available at many hospitals. Call your local hospital and ask if they have a  doctor’s  referral service.