Doctor Locum Agencies

Locum agencies are the agencies that provide locum work to professionals seeking locum work. Locum work is a temporary position where a professional substitutes for another person for a specified time period. Locum doctors work in clinics and hospitals and most of them reach there with the help of doctor locum agencies UK.

Most of the doctor locum agencies have a large number of doctors, locum doctors as well as GP locums. The agencies provide doctors to private sector hospitals and the National Health Service. Doctors too like to take the services of the locum agencies as they offer a higher hourly rate and more work options. The hourly rate varies according to the working hours. The locum work is short term and long term contract work and at times permanent jobs too.

As there is a shortage of doctors in UK, doctors from other countries can contact the doctor locum agencies for locum work. This is not a difficult job as the UK employers proactively recruit foreign doctors. As most of the agencies provide online help to the doctors, they can easily approach doctor locum agency for locum jobs. The doctor agency requires a medical degree from a recognized country and institution along with a twelve month internship in the doctor’s home country. The doctor should have General Medical Council registration, an Ancestry Visa or Right of Abode Certificate and valid EU passport. Additionally the doctor should have police clearance, ionizing radiation certificate and Hepatitis B Immunization.

The doctors who wish to get work from locum agencies should have a proper contract with details about the payment rate and the working hours to avoid any confusion. They should ensure that they have a level of control on contract conditions. They should have a record of their doctor work and doctor locum and keep a proof of all correspondence. The doctor locum should confirm the payment rate with the employee.

The doctor locum agencies provide temporary jobs to doctors. The agency sites also offer CV creator service, career related tips and CV forwarding. The agencies have job database that have UK jobs. The site provides additional information such as medical news, training, exhibitions, courses etc.

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