Do Your Children Have Food Allergies?

Has your child been diagnosed with food allergies? There are a few ways to determine if your child does have allergies. You can go to the doctor and have an allergy test performed, but those are not 100% reliable when it comes to food allergies.

Plus some doctors regard tests as absolute, they cover everything that could be an allergen and if there is no reaction, your child is not allergic. But “Type III” allergies cannot be found with any type of laboratory testing, only by diet modification.

Diet modification is the best way to treat Food Allergies Children. Some common allergens can be avoided by simply not buying a certain brand or type of food. Other allergies, such as an allergy to wheat or potatoes, will require a total overhaul of the diet of your child.

You might even have to give up some of your family’s favorite meals because of the allergy. However, there are many websites out there that have recipes that take food allergies into account.

Many children are against changing their diet, they find comfort in having certain foods. Many adults are the same way. There are ways to get around the stubbornness and temper tantrums that would happen if you were to do a drastic diet modification overnight.

If your child is old enough to understand, you can try explaining the basics of food allergies to your child. This works well with children who realize that they should not feel so tired or ill all the time, usually by age 8 or 9.

Another way to avoid tantrums is to do a gradual change and do not single out the diet of your children. The gradual approach only works if the Food Allergies Children are not life threatening though. A good example of a gradual change is with a dairy allergy. Many children eat cheese on their sandwiches or have a yogurt tube for a snack. Skipping the cheese and giving your child a piece of fruit for a snack are small changes that will reduce the amount of dairy in your child’s diet.

You do not want to change just the diet of your child because that can make your child resent the rest of the family who can eat junk food. Using our dairy allergy example again, you can substitute rice or almond milk in recipes and make 2 small batches of certain foods, one with cheese the other without cheese.