Do You Want to Learn How to Perform the Abs Workout Exercises That Guarantee Results?


You must have heard about the abs workout exercises from your friends, or even read about it in the papers and magazines. Getting your abs in the desired shape is not at all difficult, just a little perseverance and hard work is required, and you shall be ready to flaunt a ready to die-for abs. One of the best exercises that you can opt in for is the ball crunch. You require an exercise ball for the purpose, and you need to lie with it under the mid/lower back while your hands should be across your chest or behind the head. Contract your abs as you lift your torso off the ball, and pull the bottom of the ribcage down towards your hips.

While you curl up, make sure the ball is stable. The next abs workout exercises that you should try are the side bends. Hold a dumbbell in the right hand while standing with feet and shoulder a width apart with knees bent slightly. Next, place the left hand behind the head, and bend sideways on the right while lowering the dumbbell towards the knee. Come back to the upright position and repeat it a few times. Cable crunch is also a one of the well-known abs workout exercises.

You would need a triceps pushdown machine, which has a rope attachment for the purpose. Hold the rope above your head while you kneel down in front of the machine. Crunch down towards the right knee, and hold in this position for two seconds and breathe out. Slowly get back to the start position and repeat it towards the left knee. Weighted curls with medicine ball is one of the abs workout exercises, you should surely try. To perform the same you need to lie down on your back with the knees bent and feet lying flat on the floor.

Next, hold the medicine ball towards your chest. Now push the lower back into the floor while flattening the arch. Curl up enough to get both your shoulders lifted a few inches from the floor. Hold in this position for 2 seconds and get back to your starting position. Perform the abs workout exercises with great determination to get the best results. If you want the procedure to be faster, then it is equally essential to keep a check on your diet along with performing the abs workout exercises.