Do You Know What Kick Started Your Leaky Gut?

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series explaining exactly how Leaky Gut develops and progresses.

There are probably many of you reading my articles and wondering to yourself, what is Leaky Gut? If you fall into this category then this article is for you! Without getting into the causes of it let’s take a look at exactly how it progresses.

I don’t want to bore with you an anatomy lecture so I’m going to keep this as simple as possible.

Initial Onset of Leaky Gut

How does it start? Well, there is no one single cause. It is typically the accumulation of multiple stressors on the digestive tract that cause inflammation and result in the initial onset of Leaky Gut.

These chronic stressors create continuous inflammation which literally burns the intestinal lining and causes damage to the digestive tract. Over time this damage breaks down the intestinal lining and Leaky Gut develops.

There are two extremely important parts of the intestinal lining which are the first to be damaged due to intestinal inflammation, the mucosal barrier and the microvilli.

When damage occurs to these two outermost layers of the intestinal lining, the result can be detrimental. When the mucosal barrier becomes damaged, the first thing that happens is you lose 70-80% of your immune system which leaves your body vulnerable to infection. This also forces the remaining parts of your immune system to work overtime to fight off all of the new invading unwanted particles and pathogens. This results in an overactive immune system. When this continues and the microvilli become damaged, you lose your ability to properly digest your food and absorb the nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

Now you have lost the ability to properly digest your food, the undigested food particles become an all you can eat buffet for harmful parasites, bacteria, and yeast/fungi. Normally these pathogens do not have enough food to thrive but now there is the perfect environment to support these pathogens existing in your gut. These harmful pathogens then push out the beneficial bacteria and create an imbalance in the gut flora also known as dysbiosis.

So, what does the this leave you with? Just to name a few Leaky Gut Symptoms…

1. Intestinal Gas

2. Intestinal Bloating

3. Constipation

4. Reoccurring Illnesses

5. Reoccurring Infections

6. Periodontal Disease

7. Depression