Do You Have Stinky Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones are possibly one of the nastiest non-lethal substances on earth. By comparison, the stench that is sprayed by an angry skunk is "sweet!" After food, mucous and bacteria have made their way into one of the many different pockets in your tonsils, they begin to "grow". In truth, the "growth" is the result of additional material layering upon what was already there, until suddenly, you have formed several stinky tonsil stones.

If you have been "fortunate" enough to cough up one of these stinky little monsters, and then brave enough to squeeze it while checking for consistency, you were no doubt left with a "smashed kidney bean" like substance, and fingers that smelled like they would never again be fit to eat with.

Now, let's look at one critical fact. Unless you are able to eliminate your tonsil stones once and for all, this stench producing muck will forever be taining the air that passes by your tonsils while making the trek from your lungs to the outside world. If you are even remotely interested in making favorite first impressions with the people you meet as you move through life, nothing about stinky tonsil stones can be good.

You can be wearing a tailored suit or custom fit dress. You can have porcelain veneer teeth that are so white that others need sunglasses. In fact, you can spend as much money as you want on items that will help you form a great first impression. However, if your breath has that yucky sulfur based stench that goes hand in hand with tonsil stones, this alone will NEGATE EVERYTHING ELSE!

Make your first impression checklist start on the inside. While you may be brushing your teeth and flossing every day, no amount of brushing and flossing will ever be able to adequately deal with tonsillitis and tonsil stones, and the resultant foul smell that these globs of yuck create.

Believe me when I tell you, you'll get much farther in life with a $ 200 suit and fresh clean breath than you will with a $ 3000 Armani and "death breath" that would knock over a bull. Do not let something so simple be so detrimental.