Do You Have Peptic Ulcer Disease?

Peptic Ulcer Disease is a condition where a lesion or open sore develops with the stomach lining because the natural protective lining of a person’s digestive tract has broken down.

Although many people have heard of stomach ulcers and contrary to popular belief spicy food does not actually cause a peptic ulcer. Normally such ulcers are caused by a particular type of bacteria instead.

Unfortunately most peptic ulcers get to work on the digestive tract quickly because there is insufficient mucus being produced and this is a natural coating for the body’s tissue and thus offers it protection from bacteria etc. Also in some cases it may be because a person’s body is not producing enough natural bicarbonates and which are able to neutralize the effects of the acids produced by their stomach.

For those whose natural defenses fall short during such a time will find that the acid used in the stomach during the digestive processes will cause irritation to the stomach tissue or the digestive tract and this will lead to sores or lesions developing in this area. It is when the sores or lesions are developing that the person will begin to feel pain radiated from their stomach.

However the location of any ulcer really determines the actual definition assigned to it so those found in the stomach, small intestine or esophagus are commonly known as peptic ulcers.

The bacteria which is normally the cause of a peptic ulcer is called Heliobacter Pylori and this bacteria works by weakening a person’s natural defenses in their stomach and as such allows stomach acid to come into contact with the person’s digestive walls and this will result in damage to this soft tissue. Although gastric acids and pepsin are important in a body’s digestive process, unfortunately the over production of such fluids can cause the damage that is commonly known as ulcers.

For anyone who suffers from ulcers that will often experience a “burning sensation” and usually you may associate the cause of this ulcer with certain foods that you have recently ate, but in reality the food you eat will trigger the digestive acids to work which in turn will remind you that you have an ulcer in your digestive tract.

Research carried out has shown that people who either smoke or consume alcohol are at a higher risk of developing a peptic ulcer due to the increased production of digestive acids which are associated with the kind of life that they are leading.

It is vital that a peptic ulcer when diagnosed should not be left untreated as it can lead to more serious complications in the future. So if at any time in the future you find yourself suffering from a persistent pain or burning sensation in your digestive tract after eating, or after you have been of a certain type of medication then it is important that you doctor to have a complete examination carried out and a diagnosis can be made, which will then lead to effective treatment for the condition.