Do We Really Need a First Aid Kit at Home?

There are a plethora of reasons why you need to have a first aid kit at home and not one reason why you shouldn’t. Minor cuts, scrapes, bee stings and burns happen every second of the day in a home somewhere. Having a kit handy is one of those “stand by” items that you don’t fully appreciate until you need it and it’s not there.

If you have a home with children and do not have a kit then you need to obtain a quality one immediately with every essential possible item including a first aid handbook and a CPR card. Over 14,000 children in the United States alone die every year from choking and drowning at home that could have been prevented with the help of a CPR card. Children are prone to a scrape, fall or injury of some sort, sometimes daily. Additionally a great first aid kit will also have an easy to read thermometer handy which children always seem to need. Having a first aid kit in your home allows you to react to an injury quickly without having to fumble through drawers and cabinets.

Don’t have children in your home? Do you think you aren’t at risk for injury? Do you use a knife? Walk over carpets that you could trip over? Have stairs in your home? Mow the lawn or do any type of gardening? How about just clean your home with any type of household cleaner? You need a first aid kit. 1.5 million eye injuries happen in the home every year from a cleaning product splashing in the eye or debris injuring it from the lawn mower. A well stocked first aid kit will have saline solution to properly clean your eye and an eye patch handy to keep anything from irritating it. You cannot predict when an injury will happen but at some point it probably will.

The highest percentage of minor and fatal injuries happen in the home. 1 out of 17 people will experience an injury at any given minute and a fatal injury occurs every 14 minutes. Additionally, a first aid kit isn’t only for serious injury either. You can easily cut yourself preparing dinner, fall walking down your steps outside, trip over your new rug and scrape your elbow or prick your finger on those beautiful roses that were just delivered to your door.

A properly stocked first aid kit is just one of those things that you need. You need to have access to a first aid booklet if there is an injury. You need to have a CPR card handy to reference and you need to have essential items that will properly treat an injury. A first aid kit is an investment in your health.