Do Vampires Really Exist?

Vampires are as old as time…

They are everywhere, in books, movies, art, and the real world. Vampire stories and vampire history has always been collectively branched with the vampire myth and folklore.

Pale white skin, blood smelling breath, and red eyes are the most recognized image of a vampire worldwide but do vampires really exist? Nowadays, we often hear of the words “real life vampires” and “modern day vampires”. Most characterize these people as “lifestylers”, “goth”, and “punk” but what they don’t realize is most of these folks are indeed real vampires!

Most vampires drink blood but they aren’t out on a drinking spree and more often than not, vampires require very few ounces of blood to satisfy that hunger. The uninformed, ridicule this practice and often misconceive it as works of evil or think of the person as a freak or psychopath.

Over the years, you may have seen news reports of blood triggered killings, these crimes were mostly committed by vampires who didn’t really understand their true nature and unstable people who thought they were vampires, claiming that the killing was mandated by the devil or a voice. Such killings can never be blamed to real vampires or the vampire community as most of the time they were triggered by factors other than vampirism.

Not all vampires drink blood. The purpose of drinking blood is to acquire “chi” or life force from the blood. Vampires who drink blood do not drink blood to show people that it’s cool or something, blood drinking is very different to smoking. It is an innate desire, hunger if you must call it! Vampires who drink blood are called blood feeders or Sanguinarians in the vampire world.

Please be aware that by vampires, I do not refer to Blood Dracula or some “Joe” who claims he’s a 400 year old undead. As far as I’m concerned, the undead never existed but oddly it has been feared for centuries.

Another type of vampires is what they call “Psi” or Psychic vampires. They do not drink blood but they do acquire chi in various psychic forms. Have you had an experience of feeling really, really drained after talking or standing in front of a person for quite a while? Hmm… such an irresponsible vampire!

Vampires exist and they are much more like you, only with very special needs and with very special abilities.

Fangs aren’t much of a requisite, there are people who are born with a pair of fangs but you can’t really say who’s who just by the looks. True, vampires grow old slower than the average person, especially if they are well nourished and if they are aware of their being a vampire that helps them address their special needs.

Vampires are people who either lack the ability to produce or maintain chi or what we call life energy and blood is the ultimate source of chi as it powers life. Again, responsible drinking practices are observed, at least most of the time. Most blood feeders have their own donors which range from close friends to life partners, and drinking your own blood doesn’t make any sense. There are some misinformed young people who think blood drinking is cool and so they go drinking each other’s blood. Sanitary practices are always observed by responsible vampires, blood drinking is a very sensitive matter and the risks of infections are everywhere. If you don’t feel the need to, please don’t drink blood just so other people will think you’re cool or something. Just leave it to real life vampires who really needs to.

Again, vampires exist but they are far from what the media or fiction have inculcated in your mind. Vampires are people who, in most of the ways, are just like you. They study and earn a living, some of them are popular, others are not and if they’re really into you, no garlic or crucifix will ever put them away!

But don’t worry, vampires are just as dangerous and gentle as an average person.