Do Toenail Fungus Home Remedies Really Work?

Being an ex toenail fungus sufferer for 2 years, I can tell you that I tried them all. The are hundreds of reports of home remedies that are supposed to be a cure to all toenail fungus problems. I tried many home remedies but did not find one that really did anything for me.

Vicks Vapor Rub: Some people suggest applying Vicks vapor rub on the affected toe nails. From my personal experience, I didn’t notice any difference in the look and quality of my nail using Vicks when rubbed into the affected toe twice a day for 2 months. Not only did it smell strong but it left my toes feeling greasy which, quite honestly, I did not find appealing. While my condition did not include foot fungus, like so many other people experience with toenail fungus, I would not recommend a regiment of Vicks to anyone suffering with foot fungus in addition to toenail fungus.

Listerine Mouth Wash: Listerine mouth wash is a very powerful wash. Have you tried to hold it in your mouth for about a minute? Can you do it? I certainly can’t without burning out my mouth. Now imagine, there are some who recommend it for toenail fungus. The idea is too soak your feet in the solution. But what if your nail hurt? Is this what you really want to do too toes that are diseased? I certainly don’t. My toes were sick enough and I didn’t want to make it any worst than it already was.

Apply Cider Vinegar: Mix with equal part of warm water and apple cider vinegar. The idea is too soak your feet in the solution daily. 20-30min or longer per day for about 3 weeks. I tried this with no results. I’m not sure why there is a time limit, no longer than 3 weeks is what i was told, but based on another suggestion i tried this without seeing any results after 3 weeks.

Oregano & Olive Oil: Great for dipping bread and eating but i could not see how this would benefit my nasty nails. But I’ll try anything once, well almost. As per a suggestion on a popular forum I tried this combination. After a month i gave up and my feet certainly smelt great.

Word of caution. Do be careful who you listen too especially the information you read on the Internet. My main goal was to cure my toenail fungus as fast as possible not too prolong it but trying a bunch useless home remedies that only a very small percentage of people claimed worked.

Stick too a recommended topical that contains natural ingredients for the fastest possible healing results. You goal is not too let your condition get worst but rather, cure it as fast as possible. The longer you wait the nastier this nail rooting disease will get. Its spread like wildfire, take action as soon as possible to treat it before it spreads.