Do Tall Men Have Bigger (Longer) Penises Than Shorter Men? – Penis Size Mysteries Explained

Some people believe you that you can judge a man’s penis size by his height, hand size, and foot size. That is, the theory that the bigger the hands and feet of a man are, and the taller a man is, is directly linked to the size of his penis; in that the penis will be larger with men who have large hands, large feet, and increased body length. In fact, some women literally swear by such methods and use it as a metric to “measure up” a potential man.

While in some cases a man with exceptionally big hands might have a larger penis, this is more chance than based on genetic data. The same goes for foot size. Thanks to a scientific study which examined the correlation between foot size and penis size, we can determine whether or not a taller man will likely have a longer penis.

A British scientific study (performed by the British Urological Society), in 2002, was carried out to get to the root of such beliefs. In this comparative study of men, they found that there was no link between the size of a man’s feet and the size of his penis. In other words, if a man had huge feet, this did not indicate he would have a large penis. Nor did it show that if a man had smaller feet, that he had a smaller penis.

Under most genetic conditions, foot size is relative to height. Which is to say that the body does its best to create a human frame that will be biomechanically stable. This means, again, under normal genetic influences without any external/internal factors that might alter foot or height, that a man who is tall will typically have larger feet than a man who is shorter.

The reason for this is that the feet are the very foundation (platform) that is utilized to anchor and stabilize the body in an axial plane when a person is in the erect (standing) posture. If the feet are not large enough to counter-balance and stabilize the gravitational influences through the axial plane, the person will have to exert tremendous unconscious muscular contraction to keep the body from falling over. This will overtax the muscular system and expend (and waste) too much energy.

This is why taller people typical have larger feet. It is Mother Nature’s way of balancing out the taller frame to ensure that it (the frame of the body) has a large enough foundation (the feet) to allow a human to stand without having to continually contract muscles to keep the body from falling over.

Now, since we know that there is no relationship between the size of a man’s feet and the size of a man’s penis, we can apply this fact to realize that there is no biological relationship between a taller man having a taller penis versus a smaller man having a smaller penis.

Because the penis is not part of the mechanics of posture to ensure that a man has the most efficient design for stability (when standing, walking, running, etc.) there would be no biological reason for a man’s penis to have any relation to muscular and skeletal size, design, or strength.

So, unfortunately for women and tall men, and fortunately for shorter men, a man’s penis size cannot be gauged by examining his height. However, for women, it is fun to imagine what size of a penis a man may actually have while he is clothed. It’s part of the fun, mystery, and potential surprise that awaits a woman who finally gets to unwrap her man for the first time.