Do not Let the Game Lead to a DUI


When the weather gets nice and spring rolls around, that means baseball season is upon us. If you live in an area where a professional baseball team is located, a night out watching a game with friends can be a wonderful way to spend an evening. Just like with everything else, you must be safe and think ahead when going to the game. If you do not drink, great. If you do, however, there are some precautions you should take so you do not get in an accident and end up in a Wateska Illinois hospital. Since beer and baseball sometimes go together, make sure you have a plan to get you, your family, and your friends home safe. After all, the fun you have at the ballpark can easily be undone if you get in an accident after the game. And is that beer really worth potentially getting a DUI on your record? You would be hard-pressed to find someone that would say yes.

The obvious answer to this issue is to find a designated driver to bring you home after you've had too much to drink. If you have a significant other that is not drinking, that's a great option. Of course, some of us are not that lucky. Your significant other may want to have a couple of beers at the game, too, so you might have to find another way home. Driving while under the influence can be a path that leads to a Wilmington healthcare facility, so that's not a very good option. Instead, you have several choices. If you have a friend that owes you a favor, you could cash it in by asking them for a ride to and from the game. Those favors can be valuable, however, so maybe a taxi cab would be better. Sure, it adds a little cost to your night out, but if you get home safe, it's all worth it.

When it comes down to it, the best option is probably just to have a designated driver. Whether you're going out with family or friends, being a designated driver is something you can just take turns with. If your wife is the designated driver one night out, then you should take the honor the next time out. The same goes for your friends, assuming you're going out with the same people. If you do not want to see the inside of a Southern Chicago healthcare facility, then making sure you have a designated driver to get you home safe is a cheap and safe option.