Do NOT Do This To Remove Tonsil Stones

I don’t have to tell you that dealing with Tonsil Stones is a serious hassle. Whether it’s the on-again off-again sore throats and feeling of something stuck back there, or the truly nasty breath, there are no shortage of reasons for feeling like you simply want them out of there. The bad breath alone can be very disruptive to life, not to mention embarrassing. It’s can make you feel desperate and like you’d try just about anything to get them out. Luckily there are a variety of safe methods for removing and preventing tonsilloliths. But…

This Can Damage Your Tonsils

If you spend much time at all researching remedies that you can do at home, you will eventually hear about people using irrigation to remove tonsils. In a nutshell, irrigation is just shooting a stream of water at the tonsil stone to dislodge it. You will hear some people giving advice to use a water pick for this purpose. But do not use a water pick to remove tonsil stones. Let me repeat this for you: do not user a water pick or any mechanical device to remove tonsil stones.

There are safe ways to use irrigation to remove tonsil stones (which I’ll get to in a second) but aiming a water pick at your tonsils is not one of them. Here’s why. The jet of water from a water pick – even on its gentlest setting – is strong enough to actually tear the tissues of your tonsil. Trust me, tearing a tonsil is not pleasant. It hurts, and it can bleed quite a lot. If you Google tonsil stones and water pick you will find people who have removed tonsil stones this way, but you will also find numerous accounts of people who accidentally tore their tonsil even on the lowest setting. This is not a rare occurrence.

How To Safely Use Irrigation To Remove A Tonsillolith

Don’t let the horror stories about injuring your tonsils with a water pick scare you away from using irrigation. There is a very safe method of using irrigation to get the job done. Instead of a water pick you use a small plastic syringe with a curved tip. You may have seen one of these if you’ve ever had a tooth extracted as some dentists provide them with the after care instructions. You can also generally find them at the pharmacy or medical supply store. They are simply a plastic tube with a plunger on one end and a narrow, curved plastic tip on the other.

The technique is simple. You just fill the barrel with some warm water (some people say salt water works well), aim the tip at the tonsil stone and push the plunger to start squirting it with water. The key to avoiding injury is to just start off gently. If it starts to feel uncomfortable, stop. Try to hit the tonsillolith from different angles. This method is not only safer but more effective than using a water pick because you have much more control over the force and direction of the stream of water.

There Are Many Good Ways To Remove A Tonsil Stone

If the technique above just isn’t working, don’t make the mistake of pushing harder. There are many safe ways to remove a tonsil stone. If irrigation isn’t working it’s just time to try something else.