Dissolving Kidney Stones – Painful Stones Can Be Prevented & Dissolved With These Non-Surgical Tips!

Kidney stone (also known as renal calculi) surgery is a medical operation that can be avoided when one is aware of ways in preventing and dissolving kidney stones. As such, even though your doctor says that surgery is needed to get rid of the pain, you may still want to weigh your options carefully.

Most people unfortunately have become overly dependent on doctors to watch after their health. It is undeniable how valuable hospitals and medical professionals are but you should also do your part in watching over yourself.

You may not realise it but the human body is like a miraculous structure that can learn to heal itself, given that you assist it in doing so. Indeed there are non-surgical alternatives to achieve this when it comes to prevention and removal of painful kidney stones.

The formation of stones in kidney begin when the body experiences dehydration, resulting in reduced urine levels. This can eventually lead to the formation of calcium stones with painful renal calculi as the end result.

It is therefore important to prevent dehydration and you will do well to stay away from beverages as soda. This is because soda is a deceiving drink for even if you are truly thirsty your body will be tricked otherwise. Soda actually causes faster removal of liquids, further hastening your dehydration. This is why soda drinkers are even more prone to having renal calculi.

When it comes to dissolving kidney stones, phosphoric acid is one useful ingredient that can be found at many homes. Unlike other acids that are harmful to the body, phosphoric acid is different because it has substances that can help the problematic stones dissipate. Though the process may seem a little slow initially, you will know that it is working eventually. This is because after a few hours, the dissolved stones will be flushed out by your body.