Disk Defragmentation – One Solution to Fix a Slow Computer Effectively

It is for sure that no one wants to work with a slow computer. If you have ever searched the internet for solutions to fix a slow computer, you will get kinds of recommendations. But have you ever thought of what you can do in your daily life to avoid or fix a slow computer? If not, this will be a right place for you.

We all know that there are lots of things resulting in a slow computer, for example, too many installed programs or the lower computer configuration. But please note that the defragmentation on the computer is a main factor of the computer slowdown. First of all, please note that separation is created when the hard disk is impossible to locate a complete file into the same place. At this time, the content will be cut into many parts and then saved at different places of the hard disk. If the file is used frequently by the system, it will take more time for the hard disk heads move forward and back frequently to reassemble the associated data. Here, the more fragmented the hard disk is, the longer time it will take when trying to access or retrieve the files, which will completely slow down the disk visiting time. So to fix a slow computer, it is necessary for us to defragment the hard disk, making the relevant files always locate at a single directory of the hard disk. Therefore, it will shorten the time to access them, speeding up the computer.

It is note to all that we can simply go to use the window's built-in defragmenter to defragment the computer. But here, it is necessary to mention that in order to faster defragment the computer and smoothly run the disk defragmentation, please remember to first run a disk cleanup and error checking before the defragmentation. Beside, it is more appreciated that you can close all other running programs when defragmenting the computer.

In conclusion, it is necessary for us to run a disk defragmentation in a regular basic in order to avoid / fix a slow computer. To my own experience, it is much better to defragment the computer with a professional defrag program for their advanced defragment technology.