Diseases and Conditions – Neck Pain And Its Overview


Human body contains 70-percentage water and remaining 30 percentage is bones, organs, blood and other body’s parts.  Our body is one of developed creativity made by GOD, and in mechanical language, this is like machines, which required to be maintained time to time, and work load should be in limitation of body.

If we work more without caring about limitation about body, you would get lots of disturbance in your body work style. And this disturbance would definitely create problem for your health.  Human feels these disturbances as pain or some incapability of human part.

Pain may cause because of many reasons. Moreover location of pain is also dependents related to disturbance. Some of common pain is Neck Pain. But why this can be haapen in Neck.

In medical terms, Neck pain is done because of disorders or disease in any tissue in neck some like neck strain, pinched nerve, a herniated, whiplash, degenerative disc disease. This is also known as cervical pain.

But how the neck pain diagnoses in body? Diagnoses of neck pain depends also on history of neck pain. Doctor will note intensity, duration, location and radiation of pain. With recording of restful situation and motion activity, any injury is also recorded. Beside these test, nervous system is also examined to know that is any issue creating from this system.

But what are symptoms to know that is he suffering from pain or not? Basically neck is associated with dull aching. Some time pain can be more worst because of motion. Symptoms of neck include tingling, numbness, tenderness, fullness, swallowing, pulsations, swishing, sharp shooting pain, lightheadness  and gland swelling.

Under dragonish of neck pain, doctor also use to X-ray evolution, CAT scan, MRI scan, MRI scan, EMG test and NCV.  Treatment of neck is also depends on condition and causes of neck pain some simple treatments are rest, heat, traction, soft collar, traction and physical thraphy .

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