Disease Prevention

More than just good hygiene and eating an apple a day, disease prevention is about screening your health and establishing baselines. Disease prevention is also about discussing with your doctor the results of your health risk assessments and health screens. Furthermore, disease prevention involves establishing a wellness plan in order to maintain health.

Disease Prevention: First Steps

To take the first steps to disease prevention, you’ll need to set up a baseline of your current health and make sure you’re currently disease-free. One way these checks can be done is through various lab tests that check your cardiovascular health, liver health, sexual health, thyroid health, and your risks of getting diabetes and cancer.

Disease Prevention Assessment

One way to get a complete picture on what you need to do to prevent diseases is through a health risk assessment.  A health risk assessment is a complete work-up involving a series of lab tests and health history questions in order to determine your predisposition to disease as well as your overall general health. After you take a health risk assessment, you can take it to your doctor for review. Your doctor will have all the necessary information to get you on track to improving your health.

Physicians and Disease Prevention

After taking a health test, some people may want to go over the results before they see their doctor. Some lab testing facilities may provide an option where you can arrange to have a physician interpretation service where a board-certified physician interpret your results for you. This kind of service is especially helpful for those who do not have a doctor. Regardless, hearing a doctor’s interpretation of your results is most definitely an important part of disease prevention.