Discovering the Roots of Public Speaking Phobias

If you are faced with a public speaking phobia, then you know just how annoying this can be. When you are alone, you practice in front of the mirror, you think you can do it, but then when the time gets closer and closer, your mind and body begins to freeze up – you begin to go into a deep panic and start to think of ways to get out of the public speaking event.

In the end, you determine that you will call in sick and you feel so much better that you do not have to get up in front of the public, even if it does get your boss angry at you. Within this article, we will be discussing public speaking phobia and tell you why we believe individuals develop a public speaking phobia in the first place.

Personally, we believe that many phobias are caused by trauma that occurred early on in life. Those traumas are embedded in the individual, a lot like untreated parasites. What exactly are these so called parasites?

Well, they are the imprint of a memory that is connected with the trauma that has occurred. The effects are a lot like a virus you would get on the computer as it hijacks the computer from you and drives it to a far off place that it never had any intention of going.

In this same way, these memory parasites will be lurking around in the mind and body that is unconscious. At the right moment, these memory parasites are activated in order to gain control of the mind, behavior, emotions and take that normal life away.

What is even worse is the fact that the emotional software virus will be creating a lot of discomfort, it undermines the self esteem, self confidence, takes away the energy and takes away from the feelings of personal adequacy.

The stimuli that is triggering all of these emotional viruses seem to always be related in one way or another. As an example of early trauma, the individual could have been humiliated as a child in front of their friends, which will create the imprint that we mentioned in the above paragraph.

That little imprint will be stored inside that individual and will act as a landmine for hidden emotions that will go off whenever that person sees that they are in a situation that is a lot like the incident that occurred when they were little. The truth is that being up in front of a group of people could be one of those things that triggers that memory, which in turn will bring about the public speaking phobia.

In the end, you should keep in mind that you are not alone and that you have alternatives available to you to help you to overcome your public speaking phobias without resorting to expensive cures or hiding away from speaking in public forever.